Welcome Sophomores!

There are many opportunities for 10th graders as they enter their junior year. This information will also be shared via announcements and classroom presentations to all 10th graders. Your student will have a chance to select one of these programs during scheduling in the Spring.

 ** Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (MACTC) **


Montague High is pleased to be able to offer students a wonderful opportunity! Juniors and Seniors are able to participate in furthering their education at the MACTC in a number of vocational programs.  The MACTC is a place that helps students make their dream jobs a reality. 


 MACTC classes are FREE and available to all high school juniors and seniors. Classes are two and a half hours long and Montague students go to the afternoon session. All students must meet the same state graduation requirements in their courses at the high school. Currently their senior year they can earn their senior English or Math credit, based on their program at CTC. 

Selection for the 2014-2015 school year will begin in December with a presentation by the MACTC, followed by a tour during school, and then a sign up sheet in the counseling office. Please contact the counseling office with any questions, 231-981-4549. 

The MACTC offers 17 different career training classes in addition to  FREE college credit through articulated and direct credit opportunities. Job placement services are also available. 

For single page descriptions of each of the MACTC's programs download the complete set of individual programs fliers here .

To find out more visit the Muskegon Career Tech Center website or email Stephanie Hoekenga at Shoekeng@muskegonisd.org to arrange a tour.

** Early College Information **

Montague is proud to be part of the Early College Muskegon County (ECMC) through the Muskegon Area ISD and Muskegon Community College. The ECMC is a program that allows selected students to extend high school by one year in order to earn both their high school diploma and up to 62 college credits from Muskegon Community College (MCC) at no cost to the student.

The program is designed for students who will be the first from their families to attend college or students who need extra support to continue their education. Students served by the program may not have the financial resources to attend college, may reside in single-parent households, be homeless, or be part of other underrepresented groups. Selection is also based on GPA, progress toward high school graduation, and test scores.

Early College Poster

Early College Application

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