Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for Montague High School students to earn college credit at a post-secondary institution, in this case, Muskegon Community College, while still attending high school.

Please contact Mr. Patton or the counseling office with any questions regarding Dual Enrollment.

Michigan law states that school districts must offer Dual Enrollment opportunities to their students. This includes paying a portion of the tuition and fees (including purchasing textbooks) for college courses.

Dual Enrollment is recommended for 11th and 12th grade students.

Students may choose to take a college course during the academic year as long as the courses is not offered at their school and as long as the students have taken all of the MEAP tests.

Students must have approval from the guidance counselor and principal before enrolling in a college course. This includes discussion on courses being taking at the high school, logistics of fitting a college course into their schedule, and their future plans.

The counselor may recommend a student not dual enroll if they are not in good standing in their current courses or have not shown great effort to take advanced courses at MHS.

Each college course is equivalent to one course in the high school. This means that a student taking Dual Enrolled courses may have one hour “off” at the high school. Meaning, a student may report late to school and not have a first hour, or they may leave early and not have a last hour.