Welcome Freshmen!

Freshmen year is a critical start time for a students high school experience and as a life long learner. Below you will find a number of resources to help support your student in their journey through the first year of high school.


The State of Michigan requires a certain number of credits and classes for graduation. The form below was created to help parents better understand the required classes for a students high school career. 

High School Audit

Every freshmen is given a copy of this orientation packet when they tour the high school the spring of their 8th grade year. If you have not had a chance to look this over, please do. It contains a lot of helpful information for your child's school year.

Freshmen Orientation Packet

Great insight into freshmen year, through the eyes of a student who has been there. Well worth the read!

Letter to incoming Freshmen from a Sophomore

This survey is a great tool for parents, students, and teachers to gauge how prepared a student is for high school success. Have your student take the survey and then review the results. It can be very eye opening.

Results page

 Additional resources:

Stumbling Blocks to High School Success

Top 10 tips of Successful High School Students