Welcome to R.R. Oehrli Elementary School

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April 25
Kindergarten Roundup
6:00 PM
At the MACC!
Kindergarten Roundup
Date: Apr 25
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: At the MACC!
Calendar: Board of Education

Welcome to RRO Elementary. We are looking to forward to partnering with you and serving your students this year.  


STUDENT DROP-OFF:  If you drop your child off in the morning, please have them ready to exit your vehicle.  We ask that you drop your child off between the two raised sidewalks.  A staff member will be there to guide cars and pedestrians.  The general rule is to pull as far ahead between the raised walks so we can fit as many cars as possible and drop off students.   While students are unloading from vehicles, we will cross kids and parents at the walks.  If we all follow this procedure, things will flow pretty smooth and quick.  For the safety of all, cars should not pass other cars in the drop off lane.  


STUDENT PICK-UP:  The drop off lane will be closed and we ask that parents park in the parking lot and walk up to the building to pick up your child. Students are not allowed to walk into the parking lot unassisted without an adult or older sibling.  It helps to stand in the same spot every day so your child knows were to find you.  Please talk with your child to establish a designated spot to meet.  Just as a reminder,  dogs are not allowed at school during pick-up time.  





RRO winter playground rules!!!

Boot Policy for 1st – 5th Grade Students:   

Students are expected to bring boots to school all winter from the first snow to the start of spring break or when conditions warrant. This keeps dirt, mud and wet snow from being tracked into the classrooms. It also helps preserve student’s shoes. Boots must be worn on the wet field or on the wood chip area. If the blacktop is clear, shoes can be worn on the sidewalk and blacktop. This will be decided on a daily basis.

Snow Pants Policy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students: 

1st – 3rd grade students are required to wear snow pants during winter months. It will be the recess staff’s discretion (due to weather and playground conditions) when students do not have to wear their snow pants.  Students who do not have boots or snow pants must stand or walk back and forth on the on the sidewalk by the doors during recess.  If the blacktop is clear, shoes can be worn on the sidewalk and blacktop. This will be decided on a daily basis. (4th and 5th Grade students are required to wear boots and winter coat, but snow pants are optional.) However, they may not be able to call home or change if they are uncomfortably wet throughout the day because they decided not to wear them at recess.