With construction moving forward at MHS, the parking situation has changed. The main high school parking lot has been fenced off and will likely remain closed for most of the summer. If you need to visit the high school, main office etc, for a short period of time, you are able to utilize the small spaces in the entry zones to the main lot (between the fence and the sidewalk) and enter the building using the steps or ramp at the south end of the main entrance. If you plan to be at the high school for alonger period of time, please park in the lot between MHS and NBC and you may enter the building at Central Office.


Week of June 10th: Monday-Friday 8AM to 2PM

Week of June 17th: OFFICE CLOSED

Week of June 24th: Monday-Thursday 8AM to 2PM

July 1st through August 2nd: OFFICE CLOSED

August 5th: Resume Regular Office Hours