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Montague Transportation Department

Welcome to the Montague Transportation Department.  We serve a wide area and lots of kids.  We strive to make going to school safe and fun.

If you have questions regarding transportation please call 231-893-1535. If your call is not answered, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Arland Cederquist Transportation and Maintenance Facility
4855 Eilers Road, Montague, MI 49437

General Conditions and Purpose:

The primary purpose of the transportation system is to provide transportation for those eligible pupils from the vicinity of their homes to the school they attend. Use of transportation equipment for field trips, co-curricular activities and other authorized educational, cultural and recreational activities is permitted where it does not conflict with the primary purpose of transportation.

In organizing and operating the transportation system, all applicable statutes, rules and regulations of the State of Michigan, or its agencies, shall be strictly adhered to and all recommendations and suggestions shall be considered carefully.

In all cases, first consideration shall be to provide safe transportation to eligible pupils. Careful consideration shall also be given to efficiency and economy of operation.

School bus transportation shall be considered a privilege to be enjoyed by a student only as long as he/she accepts responsibility for his/her own conduct. The student is to carefully follow all rules and regulations and promptly respond to the directions and requests of the bus driver. Some school bus riders will find it necessary to walk some distance to the designated bus stop.

School transportation equipment shall be used only for the transportation of pupils to and from school, extra-curricular school activities, or for other purposes specifically authorized by the Board of Education.


Elementary (K-5) students and Secondary (6-12) students living one and one- half (1.5) miles or more by the nearest traveled route from the school they attend are eligible for transportation to and from school. However, the Transportation Supervisor, with the approval of the Superintendent, may determine that transportation be extended to selected pupils within the above-stated distances of the schools they attend where safe walking conditions do not exist.

A pupil enrolled in a non-public school shall be eligible for transportation to the public school the pupil would otherwise attend, or to the closest non-public school located in the District that the pupil is eligible to attend.

Persons other than eligible students shall not be provided transportation and will be prohibited from riding buses on regularly scheduled routes. This includes pre-school-aged children not enrolled, school-aged children enrolled in other schools, special education students enrolled in other programs and adults. Exceptions to this rule will be made by the Transportation Supervisor and may be appealed to the Superintendent.


Montague Area Public Schools



It is the policy of the Montague Area Public School District to provide safe, courteous and regular transportation services to eligible students.

The first and foremost consideration is to safety and care of all students. To insure their safety, we must foster an environment on the bus that would allow the driver freedom to concentrate on driving.

Most students want a safe and pleasant bus ride to and from school. There are some, however, who have not yet learned that their personal freedom ends at the point where they destroy the personal freedom of someone else. For these particular students, the following disciplinary procedures have been developed.


The driver is in full charge of the bus and has the right to demand order and good discipline. Pupils are to follow the driver's directions. The school district has the right to assign seats.

 Responsibility of Students

1.  Be courteous to others and safety-conscious at all times…line up in an orderly manner and wait no closer to the street than the city sidewalk or the country mailboxes. Wait until the bus stops before attempting to get on/off.

2.  Walk to the bus stop facing traffic arriving 5 minutes before the bus arrives.

3.  Always cross at least twelve (12) feet in front of the bus.

4.  Do not fight or bully other students at the bus stop or on the bus.

5.  Sit on the seat. Keep your hand, body and head inside of your assigned seating area.

6.  Do not engage in shouting, loud talking, whistling, etc. The drivers must concentrate on their driving.

7.  Students must be seated.

8.  Profane or vulgar language and obscene signs or gestures will not be tolerated.

9.  Damage to school property or others' personal broken property must be paid for by the person causing the damage.

10.  Smoking, use of drugs, gambling, alcoholic possession or consumption, or any form of illegal activities is prohibited.

 Responsibility of Parents/Guardians

1.  To assure that their children arrive at the bus stop on time.

2.  To provide necessary protection for their children when going to and from the bus stop and while they are at the bus stop.

3.  To read and discuss bus policy with their children and to insure their understanding of basic bus rules.

4.  To accept responsibility in cooperation with the school for insuring proper conduct of their children.

5.  To cooperate with those responsible for students' transportation in maintaining and carrying out discipline procedures.

6. If your child is not able to arrive early to the designated bus stop location in the morning, please transport  your child to school. Driving them to a different bus stop location may endanger your child or others.

Responsibility of Bus Driver

1.  To maintain discipline and order on the bus at all times.

2.  To warn and/or separate any pupil from the bus who does not obey the transportation rules.

3.  To take all necessary precautions for the safety and welfare of the passengers while they are on the bus.


When student disciplinary problems arise, the following procedure may be used:

  • 1st notice - verbal warning
  • 2nd notice – 1-day bus suspension
  • 3rd notice – 3-day bus suspension
  • 4th notice – 5-day bus suspension
  • 5th notice – parent conference for possible discontinuance of bus transportation

Depending on the level of the problem, a student may be given a warning or a bus suspension for a first discipline write up.  Problems that continue will result in longer bus suspensions or even removal from the bus for the balance of the year.  If you have a concern about bus procedures or student behavior, please contact the Director of Transportation first at 893-1535.  If a student is suspended form the bus, they must be in attendance at school for the suspension to count.