Welcome Seniors: It All Starts Here!


You will find tabs and links to the most recent materials that have been created that will help you have a successful senior year. If you have any other questions feel free to contact the counseling office.


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What is that? 

Going to college means learning the lingo. Here are some keywords you should know when planning your future:

Undergraduate (Undergrad): A student who is pursuing either a one, two, or four-year degree. 

Transcript: This is a permanent academic record of a student at college. 

Associate's Degree: Granted upon completion of a program of at least two years of college work. 

Bachelor's Degree: This is an undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities. 

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Almost universal application for financial aid including loans, grants, college work-study, and other federal and state programs. 

Major: A major is a student's chosen field of study. 

Minor: A minor is designated as a specific number of credit hours in a secondary field of study.