MAPS Technology Department



The MAPS Technology Department works hard to ensure that the latest technology will support our teachers and students in developing Motivated, Articulate, Productive and Successful citizens for today, tomorrow and forever.  Our toolkit in this effort includes over 600 desktop computers, 200 Windows laptops, 500 Chromebooks, 100 tablets, AV rich environments in each classroom, over 200 video surveillance cameras, a card access system securing entrys throughout the district and miscellaneous other tech items.

We work closely with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District to make the most effective use of our Technology budget.  Thanks to the Shoreline Fiber Network, we are directly connected to network resources of the MAISD, enabling efficient sharing of servers, software, support and other tech resources.

Technology and Security Enhancement Millage

We're grateful for the support of Montague Area and other Muskegon County residents in the passage of the Technology and Security Enhancement Millage in February, 2014.  This Millage will enable MAPS to maintain and improve our vital technology and security resources over the next decade.  During the first years of Millage support, MAPS has been able to upgrade and enhance our video surveillance system, upgrade our card access system, including a new badging system, improve our automatic notification system (SchoolMessenger), improve entrance security at MHS, upgrade our wireless network infrastructure, provide widespread Chromebook and tablet availability to all buildings, and support many other tech needs.

Technology Plan

Technology is important in the life of Montague Area Public Schools.  Administrators, teachers and students find computers, data projectors, and a host of other technologies help them learn and work more efficiently.  The state of technology at MAPS is summarized in a Technology Plan.  This Plan, last required by the State of Michigan in 2012, is being revised during the 2015-16 school year.  Click here to view the MAPS 2012 Technology Plan.