NBC Parents PlugIn!

Easy-Peasy, 2-Hour Summer Volunteer Opportunity

We have been asked to volunteer to welcome riders to camp at NBC Middle School for the One Day Ride Across Michigan again August 11, 12, and 13. (This was great fun last year!) We are looking for volunteers, so pencil it in! This was an awesome fundraiser for our middle school and takes just two hours of time per volunteer. 

Plug-In To PowerSchool 

Are you wondering what your child’s grades are, if homework is being turned in, or how he/she did on a test? You can easily set up an automated report that comes to your email inbox as often as you want it! Once you set up e-mail notifications you are set for the entire school year!  And you could win a $50 Wesco Gift Card paid for by a parent fundraiser.


1. Go to  http://ps-mo.muskegonisd.org/public

2. Find the letter from NBC Middle School or Montague High School with your child’s username and password on it. (If you can’t find it, contact the school office and ask for a new copy!)

3. When signing in for the first time, follow the prompts and enter the username and password. You will be prompted to set up a new username and password. If you are a returning user, sign in using the username and password you created.

4. Once you login you will see a page that lists classes, grades and absences on the right and a navigation bar to the left. Click on the E-mail Notifications Tab on the navigation bar. Then click the box next to one or both of these reports:
     Summary of Current Grades and Attendance
     Detail Report Showing Assignment Scores for Each Class

Next, click the drop down box in the “How Often?” to select when you would like to get the notification. Finally, add any additional email addresses you would like the report sent to.

The following tabs in the navigation bar will also be helpful:
Grades/Attendance Tab: Click the current grade for any class and a list of all assignments and grades for the class will open. Assignments not turned in will be listed as a dash or a zero.
Account Preferences Tab: This is used to update email address or to change username or password.

Consider downloading the FREE PowerSchool MOBILE APP available for Apple  or Android. Once your account is set up you can login from your phone.

Decades of research collected by the National Parent Teacher Association show that when parents are involved students have:
· Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates

· Better school attendance

· Increased motivation, better self-esteem

· Lower rates of suspension

· Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

· Fewer instances of violent behavior


Facial Tissues Needed! 

We all know how many facial tissues our kids go through at home - imagine supplying a whole school with tissues! If you are able to send a box or two in with your child in the next few weeks that would be awesome! Thanks so much for this support.

Call us if you have any questions:
Parents PlugIn! Co-Chairs

Kristin Tank - 231-894-5419 and Stacey Peets -  231-286-6331

or Email:  nbcparentsplugin@gmail.com 

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About Us

NBC Parents PlugIn! has a vision to work hand-in-hand with the school to help our kids, help parents, and help our school staff. We want to be an added connection point between staff and parents to ensure smooth communication and answers to questions.

We are a group of parents speaking positively about our school to generate support from others in our community, and we are parents who know each other, talk to each other, know each others' kids, and help each other when possible.

NBC Parents PlugIn is NOT a fundraising group although we support school fundraisers; we are NOT a political group, although there may be opportunities to share our opinions with lawmakers about things that could hurt or help our kids; we are NOT a place to complain; and we are not an independent, formal non-profit organization with a budget and officers.