Principal's Page


Wildcat Nation,


Who would have guessed 3 snow days in a row? So in 2022, students have had a 3 day week and now a 4 day week. Hopefully that extra time at home has helped students build the stamina they will need for exam week next week.


With another short week for students and myself in two days of evaluation training,  I do not have much to report about what happened in and around the building this week.  Mr. Mulder, Mrs. Neubauer, and Mrs. Misiora agreed that it was fairly quiet. To me that means the vast majority of our students are on task, taking responsibility, being polite and civil towards each other and staff.  That is what we would hope for from Wildcats that are True Blue to the C.O.R.E  


Next week brings us to the end of the semester.  Exams are scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Wednesday is a full day and we have half days on Thursday and Friday.  Please help your students prepare by encouraging them to continue reviewing now for those coming exams.  There are other important ways to prepare besides re-reading the previous chapters, units, lessons and doing practice problems.  Getting plenty of sleep before exams, eating healthy meals throughout the week, and drinking lots of water give their bodies and brains the best chance at being successful on test day.  Proper Preparation Promotes a Pretty Powerful Performance!


I purposely included this next paragraph again, in case you did not read it last week.  


I understand that preparing for and taking exams can create stress on students and families.  That does not mean we should avoid it.  Instead, learning how to handle stress and practicing that in incremental steps will help students build coping skills that may be just as important as class content in their futures.  Please read the article about stress management and talk with your child(ren) about it.  Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Students.


The girls basketball team plays Ravenna tonight.  Check out for all the schedule details of 15 competitions next week and score updates.


Be True Blue,

Curt Hansen