Donor List 

Montague High School Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation


Our community is grateful to the following individuals and groups who have made donations to the Scholarship Foundation.  Within each level of giving, donors are listed alphabetically by last name.  (Note:  some donors have requested annonymity and are not listed.)


Scholarship Benefactors--$100,000 or more.


Scholarship Ambassadors--$10,000 or more.


Scholarship Associates--$1,000 or more.

James and Patty Booth 

Carrie Cotter

Esther Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Krueger

Randall J. and Bonnie Peterson


Scholarship Donors--$100 or more.

Kenneth Dahl 

Jeff Henderson

Charles Hendrixon

The Robert D. Hill Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hunt

Montague Teachers Education Association

Mr. and Mrs. David Sipka

Mr. and Mrs. James Strahl

Chet Tchozewski

Allison Hier 

Gary Beaudoin 

Lee Hunt

Lori "Petie" Jenkins

Helen (Marquardt) Chase

Rich & Kathy Wright

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Roger Scharmer

Robert & Margaret Chase

William Chase

Kenneth Dahl


Scholarship Friends--up to $100

Arvid and Martha Nelson 

Kristi Nelson

Jon and Kathy Rockwood 

Chris Stark 

James and Martha Tanis

Robert and Marjorie Thrun

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Wright

Larry and Linda Haeger

Kenneth and Joan Carlsen

Pam Wernstrom

Jeffrey Hanna

Jeffrey Henderson

Ronald & Darlene Carlson

Kenneth & Joan Carlsen

Larry & Linda Haeger

Elwin & Sandra Slack

Nancy & Leroy Strait

Diana & Richard Portell

Gloria Pranger

Patricia Robinson

Shirley & Alan Garvey

Richard & Barbara Pranger

Jeri Wonders

Windberg Construction

Glen & Meg Eaton

Stephen & Saundra Devries

Rex & Joanne Kessler

Susan Toll

Larry & Diane Lemmen

Gloria Gillan

Jerry & Carla Blackmer

Dr. Michael Ishitami

Daniel & Margaret

Gregory & Kathleen Bates

Brian & Patti Dawson

Freda Felan

Pat & Julie Ferrier

Brian & Kara Jaekel

John Degen Family

Kristi Klimowicz

David & Margaret Law

Thomas & Shoane Lindback

Joseph & Bonnie Pawlowski

Thaddeus & Cynthia Pawlowski

Christopher & Kelli Ritter

Paul & Joan Rolewicz

The Rushings

Rex & Margaret Voorheis

Daniel & Teresa Wackernagel

Bob & Barb Witte

William & Carolyn Snowdin

Norman & Mary Lathrop

Ralph & Carolyn Coulter

Donald & Jean Wolf

Allison James-Green

Nels & Vicki Christensen

James Moore

N.J. Byder

John & Barbara Lloyd

Harry & Anne Vierow

Monica Dufour

Sean Moeller

Craig Dufour

Stephanie Defour

Hanny Leitson

Ernest Ryan

William & Eleanor Smalligan

Richard & Jean Hunt

Kirk & Cheryl Davidson

Laura Koning

John & Betty Fonger

William & Dorothy Morris




Gifts to the Scholarship Foundation have been made to honor the following individuals:


Arland Cederquist in recognition of 47 years of distinguished service to Montague Area Public Schools.

Cindy Francis

Football Team for their 2008 State Football Championship 

MAPS Board of Education

Richard Haeger

David Hamm

Sandra Slack



Gifts to the Scholarship Foundation have been made in memory of the following individuals:


Irene Haight

Rhonda Hendrixon

Walter Hunt

Henry Klaver

Glenn Lipka 

Wilfred Smith

Mary Ann Suits

Steve Wisniewski

Zach Peterson

Lucretia and Henry Hunt

Helen (Marquardt) Chase

Doug Goodrich