May 10, 2023

P-EBT 22-23 School Year

P-EBT benefits are once again available this school year for students who missed in-person meals due to a COVID-19 related absence.

Most of our students will not qualify.  A family could qualify for benefits if their child was absent from school due to a COVID-19 related absence.  If families feel that their child qualifies for benefits, they will fill out a Reconsideration Form located under "Parent Resources."  Steps for filling out the form:

1.  Enter the date that your child's school became eligible for benefits this school year.  See the table below.

p-ebt eligibiity




2.  All students at MAPS are eligible for free meals.  Enter the first day of school, 8/29/2022, as the day your child became eligible for free meals.  If your child enrolled after the first day of school, their date of enrollment will be the date they became eligible.

3.  Complete the remainder of Section 1 with your child's demographic data.

4.  Complete Section 2 for the months that your child qualifies for this payment.  Parents will fill in the dates for each month that their child missed school meals due to being absent from school due to a COVID-19 related absence.

5. Email the form to your child's school secretary. She can complete Section 3.
MACC:  Kathy Ohman,
RRO: Diane Hedrick,
NBC:  Jennell Halverson,
MHS:  Lacey Dean,

6.  The school secretary will send the form back to you.  Parents will complete Section 4 and submit the completed form to MDHHS per the directions on the form.

If you have additional questions, please contact Stacey Brown at 231-981-4505 or


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