2008-2009 Varsity Results


Varsity Team Photo


Opponent Result  Score                  Conference Standings  
 Manistee  L  64-54  







North Muskegon  W  80-50    Montague 14-0 24-3
 Coopersville  L  64-43   Whitehall 10-4  13-10
MCC  W 64-42    Shelby 10-4  13-11
Shelby  W 64-45   Ravenna  9-5  11-10
Oakridge  W 56-43   North Muskegon  5-9  6-16
Fruitport  W 73-46    Oakridge  5-9  6-15
Whitehall  W 69-48    MCC 3-11  5-16
Hart  W 66-21  




Ravenna  W 67-52        
North Muskegon  W 94-63        
MCC  W 74-40        
Shelby  W 70-58     Click Here to   
Orchard View  W 74-65      download a copy  
Oakridge  W 79-43      of the 2008-2009  
Holton  W  64-35      season statistics  
Whitehall  W 76-58        
Hart  W  80-52        
M. Catholic  W  56-47      Click Here to  
Ravenna  W 73-57      download a copy  
 Districts          of the 2008-2009  
Ravenna  W 93-59      season statistics  
Hesperia  W 91-39     for games played  
North Muskegon  W 91-54      in the WMC  
 White Cloud  W  78-55        
 Sanford-Meridian  W  71-66        
Quarter Finals            
 Flint Beecher  W 58-56        
Schoolcraft  L 50-63        




Conference Champions District Champions

Regional Champions

  • Undefeated Conference Record 14-0
  • 24-3 Record - A school record of 23 straight victories and 24 wins in a season
  • Averaged 72.5 points per game
  • 1st District Title in 18 years
  • First Regional Championship in School History
  • First Quarter Final Appearance and Victory in School History
  • First Semi-Final Appearance in School History



 Post Season Honors



WMC All Conference Team               Muskegon Chronicle All-Area Team 
 Cody Kater   Cody Kater (1st team)
 Mike Mack   Mike Mack (1st team)
Matt DeJong   Matt DeJong (2nd team)
 Stuart Jeffries   Jeff Petsch (honorable mention)
    Stuart Jeffries (honorable mention)


Jeff Petsch Named the Muskegon Chronicle All Area Student Athlete of the Year


Cody Kater received All State Special Mention Honors


Mike Mack recorded 100 blocks in the season giving him 219 for his career

and placing him in the MHSAA state record books


Matt DeJong recorded 90 steals in the season placing him in the MHSAA state record books


Coach Osborne named the Muskegon Chronicle All Area Coach of the Year

and the BCAM Region 13 Coach of the Year


Academic All State with an overall team GPA of 3.6433

Only .0855 behind the top team in the state



2008-2009 JV Results


JV Team Photo


                                Opponent  Result Score                      
     Manistee  L 39-31  
    North Muskegon  W 53-49  
     Coopersville  L 55-60  
    MCC  L 47-55  
    Shelby  W  42-40  
    Oakridge  W 61-51  
    Fruitport  W 58-47  
    Whitehall  L  37-45  
    Hart  W 45-29  
    Ravenna  W 44-40  
    North Muskegon L 45-60  
    MCC W 65-59  
    Shelby L 47-55  
    Orchard View W 71-57  
    Oakridge L 52-55  
    Holton W 56-28  
    Whitehall L 50-64  
    Hart W 67-50  
    M. Catholic W 54-51  
     Ravenna W 56-52