Grade 5 Curriculum 


Reading and Writing


This course is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards for Fifth Grade Reading and Writing.  The work done throughout this course not only aligns with the CCSS but is designed to prepare Fifth Graders for the work ahead in sixth grade.


Link to the Grade 5 Reading and Writing Curriculum used at RRO.





Battle Creek Science curriculum for Fifth Graders:


Science Unit 1 & 2 - Forces and Motion – 5PS

Students continue to learn about how things move and participate in an exploration into force and motion as related to distance, time, speed, balanced and unbalanced forces, contact and non-contact forces. Students collect data and describe force and motion in qualitative and quantitative terms. Students illustrate how motion can be measured and represented on a graph.

Forces and Motion Parent Letter

Science Unit 3 - Objects in the Sky – 5ES

This unit builds on the concepts of the 4th grade unit, The View from Earth, and students demonstrate using models rotation on axis and orbits due to gravity of Earth and other planets. They relate the relative position of the sun, moon, and Earth to seasons, moon phases, eclipses, tides and day and night.

Objects in the Sky Parent Letter 

Science Unit 4 - Systems and Survival – 5LS

Students examine three different “systems” in their lives, classification system, ecosystems, and human body systems. They use the characteristics of organisms to build model ecosystems, classify organisms by physical traits, and research human body systems and how they work together.

Systems and Survival Parent Letter