Grade 3 Curriculum 


Reading and Writing


This course is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards for Third Grade Reading and Writing.  The work done throughout this course not only aligns with the CCSS but is designed to prepare Third Graders for the work ahead in fourth grade.


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Battle Creek Science curriculum for Third Grade:


Science Unit 1 - Changes in Motion – 3PS1

Using their everyday observations of motion and through a variety of activities, students build on their Kindergarten experiences and explore concepts of motion and forces. They compare and contrast motion in terms of direction, speed, and the relationship with gravity and friction.

Changes in Motion Parent Letter 

Science Unit 2 - Light and Sound – 3PS2

Beginning with an exploration into the properties of light and sound, students apply their knowledge to concepts related to shadows, color, pitch, and volume. They compare and contrast the properties of light and sound and relate their ideas to observation of change and evidence of sound and light energy.

Light and Sound Parent Letter 

Science Unit 3 - Earth and Me – 3ES

Students identify earth materials and surface changes and apply their knowledge to natural resources and how humans use natural resources. The effect of human dependency and activity on Earth’s natural resources is applied through ways to protect, conserve, and restore the Earth’s resources and environment.

Earth and Me Parent Letter

Science Unit 4 - Organisms Have Character – 3LS

Students take a deeper look into the physical and behavioral characteristics of organisms and their role in growth and survival. The function of different body parts is related to their environment and how animals survive in their environment. Students apply their knowledge of organisms to the food chain and food web.

Organisms Have Character Parent Letter