Grade 1 Curriculum




This Writing course is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards for First Grade Writing.  The work done throughout this course not only aligns with the CCSS but is designed to prepare First Graders for the work ahead in second grade.


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Battle Creek Science Curriculum for First Grade:


Science Unit 1 - Sorting Things Out – 1PS

Students sort objects by their observable properties and explore the interaction of different material and magnets. States of matter are introduced through solids keeping their shape and liquids taking the shape of the container.
Sorting Things Out Parent Letter


Science Unit 2 & 3 - Weather Watchers – 1ES

Weather Watchers unit is taught in 2 quarters to span seasons and increase observations in changes in weather and seasons. Students collect weather data, temperature, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, and precipitation over a long period of time. They relate their weather observations to the changes in seasons. Weather observation tools are introduced, thermometer, rain gauge, and windsock.
Weather Watchers Parent Letter


Science Unit 4 - An Animal’s Life – 1LS

Students study the basic needs of animals for survival and the life cycle of animals. The monarch is observed through its life cycle and common schoolyard animals are observed in a model habitat. Students observe and care for the animals.
An Animal's Life Parent Letter