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Montague Area Public Schools Food Service Department

Montague Area Public Schools Food Service Department is committed to providing and serving foods that best enhance our students' academic, athletic and personal performance. Montague Food Service Department prepares breakfast and lunch for over 1000 students daily, preschool through 12th grade. U.S.D.A. guidelines are followed to ensure that our children are offered healthy choices at every age level. Each lunch includes a main entree and side choices of fat free chocolate or white milk, juice, fruit, vegetables and breads. All schools have a salad bar and over a dozen fruit and vegetable choices each day.  Parents can also add special instructions to their child's account in order to inform the food service department of allergies and other menu instructions. Montague Area Public Schools participates in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. 

Free and Reduced Applications

Below are resources to assist you in completing a Free and Reduced application for your family.  You may print Free and Reduced applications and bring the completed application to any school office.

Free and reduced application guideline and instructions

Free and Reduced application common questions  

Free and Reduced Meals Application

Free and Reduced Meals Application-Spansih Version  

Online Free and Reduced applications may also be completed here.

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Plate 140

MHS Menu

NBC Menu

RRO Menu













MAPS Real Food SEED Project

Student Engagement Every Day

Montague Food Service Department is in the first year of our MAPS Real Food SEED(Student Engagement Every Day) Project.  The overall goal of the project is to help students make connection to the source of their food and the seasonality of Michigan products.  We do this with a number of programs.

  • Cultivate Michigan is our collaborations with Muskegon Career Tech Culinary Program who create new items from seasonal Michigan products and conducts taste test in all school buildings

  • Fresh Thursday is our menu Chef created made from scratch items served on Thursday in our elementary schools

  • Chef’s Table is our elementary program where we sample new Fresh Thursday ideas with classroom and let the students decide if it should be on our menu

  • Harvest of the Month features Michigan fruits and vegetable and connecting growing season with the item.Apples, Winter Squash, Cranberries, Brassica and Dry Beans have been featured so far this year. A monthly newsletter is developed with links and videos as a resource that teachers can use to incorporate into the classroom activities.

Mercy Health Community Benefit grant has funded this project and funds MAPS Real Food SEED Project Coordinator Lynn DeVlieg. Contact Lynn at .