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Parent/Teacher Conferences were well attended!

P/T conferences were near an all time high for attendance!  Thanks to you for meeting with the teachers and finding out ways to help your son/daughter maximinze their learning. Our next formal meeting dates will be in March, 2017. 

Quarter 1 Report Cards

First quarter report cards will be given to students on Friday, November 11.  Power School will also have the first quarter grades finalized on the same date.  Just as a reminder, Q1 and Q2 grades count 40% for each quarter and the examination is worth 20% of the final grade for GPA calculations. 


PSAT testing for 9th and 10th graders complete!

PSAT testing was Wednesday, October 19.  All 9th and 10th graders  tested in the morning on this date.   10th graders taking the PSAT can qualify for scholarships if they earn a qualifying test score.   There  is a link that will be sent ot your son/daugter to get the final score that should be available in late November. 


EPIC Award Winner From MHS!

On Tuesday night, April 19 at Moss Creek Golf Club, Paula Moreau was honored as an Exceptional Person in the Community (EPIC Award). She was recognized for her many contributions to our district and to the White Lake Community. About 250 educators, board members, and community members gathered to celebrate Paula and 13 other educators serving in our region. Ms. Moreau serves on school and district committees, is a former competitive cheer coach and is our current MHS NHS Advisor.
When you get the chance, please congratulate her and thank her for her continued efforts to make our district and our community a great place to live and learn. We appreciate you and your many contributions to make MHS and MAPS a great place to learn!

Paula Moreau accepting her award








Interim Reports are Available in Power School

Mid marking period grades with comments are available in Power School. Please be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.  The first quarter ends November 4.  Parent/teacher conferences are set for October 27 in the afternoon and evening.  We hope to see you there! 

School Year Transcript Information for Current/Former Graduates

If you need a transcript for job related searches, college/university placement, please use the following e-mail address.  Be sure to clearly type the name of the student, year of graduation and where the transcript should be sent.  We will also make a copy available to you that incudes the embossed seal and signatures if desired.  We hope to have all copies digitized during the school year which will make it much easier for us to find your transcript!  Currently, by law we keep all records 99 years!  Yes, we do have them from "way back"!  All handwritten of course but somewhat legible! E-mail us with your request to or  (During summer months, this may take 3-5 days due to vacations/work schedules.)  During the school year requests are usually processed on the same day. 

Everyday Test Success

Different kinds of tests call for different strategies.  Share these ideas with your son or daughter! Better yet, have them read the short tips below.

Multiple Choice:  On a reading test, skim questions before reading the passages they accompany.  This will let the reader know what to focus on as they read.  Try solving math problems before looking at possible answers.  If the solution is among the choices, it's likely to be right!

Short Answers:  Read each question carefully so you know what you're being asked.  Write neatly and keep your answers brief, clear and to the point.  Don't leave any answers blank.  Many teachers give credit for partial answers.  Math teachers require students to show their work. That way, they can point out where a mistake was made.

Essay: Make a quick outline to organize your thoughts before you write.  Cross off each idea as you add it to your essay.  Leave a few minutes to proofread your work and be sure you've answered the question completely.