MHS teachers and classes for 2014-15




Ms. Anderson - Marketing, Spanish 

Mr. Beebe - 10th Grade English, Computers 

Mr. Christian - Spanish I, II, III

Mr. Collins - On-Line Instruction

Mrs. Coppess - 11th grade English, Honors English

Mr. Eslick - World History/Geography, Vital Issues

Mrs. French - Resource Room
Ms. Geis - Art I-IV,  AP Art

Mrs. Greenwood - Concert Band, Marching Band,  Choir

Ms. Hager - Biology, Advanced Ag-Sciences

Mr. Hansen - Algebra I, Business, Consumer Mathematics 

Mrs. Hulce - Theater, Senior English, AP English

Ms. Kiel - Resource Room, READ 180

Mr. LeaTrea - Chemistry, Physics

Ms.Matiash - Government, Economics, Sociology

Ms. Moreau -  FST, AP Statistics, Algebra II
Mrs. Netcott - Algebra II,  Geometry, PDM,

Ms. Phipps - 9th grade English, Journalism, Yearbook

Mr. Rudat - Ecology, Advanced Ag-Sciences

Mr. Wright - Physical Education 



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Name PositionPhone
Christian, Zach Teacher  231-981-4525  
Collins, Pat Teacher  231-981-4532  
Coppess, Tricia Teacher  231-894-2661  
Diamond, Ken Administration  231-981-4537  
Eslick, Golman Teacher  231-981-4521  
French, Leah Teacher  231-981-4553  
Geis, Laurel Teacher  231-981-4555  
Greenwood, Emma Teacher  231-981-4567  
Hansen, Curt Teacher  231-894-5617  
Hulce, Luann Teacher  231-981-4560  
Kiel, Lisa Teacher  231-981-4550  
Kruger, Kevin Principal  231-981-4538  
LeaTrea, Matt Teacher  231-981-4531  
Lemmen, Sherri Support staff   
Matiash, Stephanie Teacher  231-981-4522  
Moreau, Paula Teacher  231-981-4552  
Netcott, Rachel Teacher  231-981-4551  
Neubauer, Karen Support staff  231-981-4540  
Phipps, Jennifer Teacher  231-981-4554 x4554 
Plunkett, Julie Counseling  231-981-4549  
Rudat, Clarence Teacher  231-981-4530  
Wright, Ryan Teacher  231-981-4515