What's Going On


Fourth graders are studying the underground railroad.  They have been researching online and will be writing a historical narrative using this research.

Scholastic Underground Railroad

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First graders are studying Michigan animals.  They have been researching  different animals and ways that they adapt to their environment.

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5th graders will be doing a book and author study on our special guest coming in April.



5th grade-  Students are taking their research notes about Native Americans and turning it into a multimedia powerpoint that they will present to their Social Studies class.  We have been learning how to create and edit slides, insert textboxes as well as pictures and how to cite our resources correctly.

Cherokee Clothing                           Hopi                       Iroquois Food                      Iroquois

                                Tlingit Customs                                                      Lakota Sioux

4th grade- Students are finishing their Ludington State Park videos.  We are learning how to import audio and how to add transitions and animations to our videos to add interest and understanding. 

Salmon Fishing

3rd grade-  We are continuing our keyboarding unit by focusing on those letters typed by the middle finger:  d,k,e,i and we are learning how to use the SHIFT key correctly to type capitals.

2nd grade-  Students are learning the difference between import and export with different pieces of hardware and software. 

1st grade-    Students are  learning to take a survey of a question and to tally the results. Students are learning how to make graphs on the computer.  We are focusing on the basic parts of a graph and will work on making pictographs and bar graphs. 

Peterson  Favorite Farm Animal  Graph

Peterson Favorite Farm Animal Tally Chart


5th grade- Students have been using our online encyclopedias and other websites to research different Native American tribes found in the United States.  We have been focusing on how to take notes and how to decide whether or not a website is reliable and credible.

4th grade- Students have been creating videos. Most classes have been working on a video of their fieldtrip to Ludington State Park.  One class decided to make a video about monsters first.  We have been learning how to import pictures, edit and crop pictures.

3rd grade-  Students took the information from their webs and wrote paragraphs about themselves.  We really worked on practicing those keyboard skills that we are learning.  We took time to practice our editing skills that we are learning in Language Arts class.

Melissa's Web

Melissa's Writing

Sam's Web

Sam's Writing

 1st and 2nd grade- Students practiced keyboarding skills by typing on the theme of Thanksgiving.

Here are some samples

Alaina thanks sample

 Brianna thanks sample

Hannah thanks sample

Matthew thanks sample


5th grade- Fifth graders wrote Halloween safety books to share with the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classes.  Fifth graders either chose to make a hard copy to take to a class to read or to create an video book.

Here's a sample video

4th grade-  Students have been writing a script for their Ludington State Park fieldtrip.  We are trying to work on some of the writing skills we are learning in class.  We are "exploding a moment" and trying to use all our senses  as well as our feelings to write about a moment.

3rd grade- Students created a web about themselves using a webbing program called Kidspirations. 

2nd grade-   Students have been working on a poster about themselves.  They have been learning to insert graphics, resize graphics, and change graphics.

1st grade-    Students wrote, typed, and illustrated a poem about themselves.   


5th grade-  

5th grade students are adding to their technology vocabulary.  They are also looking at how technology has changed over time in the time machine.

4th grade

Fourth graders are working on Me posters.  We will be learning how to insert text boxes and graphics in a word processing program.  Click on the link below to see the tutorial.


3rd grade-  Students are working on keyboarding skills.  We are reviewing homerow fingers and focusing on the letters typed with our pointer fingers: f, j, r, u, g, h 

Here is a great online keyboarding program that will allow your child to practice at home:
 Dance Mat Typing

Tape a piece of paper over the keyboard and challenge them to practice typing without looking at the keyboard.

2nd grade- Students are reviewing homerow finger technique.  In second grade we try to put a cover over our keyboards to make our brains work harder at memorizing the finger patterns of the letters.  We often visualize a keyboard and practice finger movements.

1st grade- Students are introduced to using both hands for typing.  We practice typing with both hands and try our best to keep our fingers on homerow.  We will continue to practice lowercase letters throughout the year.


5th graders- Fifth graders have been working collaboratively in groups to write their storyboards for the School Changes video.  Any extra time has been spent reviewing their keyboarding skills.

4th graders- Fourth graders have been working on the advanced features in Microsoft Word to create a Me poster about themselves. 

3rd graders- Third graders have been working on identifying input and output devices.  They have also started keyboarding with homerow fingers.

1st and 2nd graders- First graders have been learning their user names and passwords.  They have also been working on identifying computer parts.  They have been exploring the new paint program.


Third graders are researching Michigan animals.


Third graders are practicing their research skills by find fact fragments when they take notes.
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5th graders are learning how to select and copy certain parts of a photo and also how to delete sections of a photo.   5th grade tutorial, click here

Third graders are learning how to create a graph.  3rd grade tutorial, click here

Mrs. Roesler's class is making an acrostic name poem.  Acrostic name poem tutorial, click here



Fifth graders are working on a scavenger hunt to learn more about the first Thanksgiving.


Fourth graders are working on Me posters.  We will be learning how to insert text boxes and graphics in a word processing program.  Click on the link below to see the tutorial.


Third graders are working on a Me Web about themselves.  Click on the link below to see the tutorial.



Third graders are researching Michigan mammals.  Click here