Our Mission, Beliefs and Goals 

District Mission Statement

It is the mission of Montague Area Public Schools to educate and inspire all students to become



Productive, and


citizens for today, tomorrow, and forever.

Belief Statements


We believe that a community that embraces the core democratic values of our country will thrive.

We believe that our community is committed to the success of our children and their families.

We believe that a community that takes pride in itself will flourish.

We believe that the traditions of our community are a bridge to a focus on the future.

We believe that each person is responsible for her/his actions but that our success as a community also requires interdependence on each other.

We believe that continued learning leads to personal growth and prosperity.

We believe that hard work leads to success.

We believe that a community that partners together for a common cause will prosper.

District Goals:

Improve academic performance of all students by developing and implementing curricular programs of high standards that will meet student needs.


Build unified relationships with open communications among Board, Staff, and Community.


Establish a public information program that will keep the community abreast of the quality of education being provided to students in their schools.


Promote student learning by providing a safe, clean, and orderly environment in all schools.


Develop short and long-range facility plans that address district needs.