Title I Programs

Director:  Allison Hier



Children come to school with different backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, they learn things in different ways and at different rates. Many children struggle academically in one area or another during the school year. The reasons vary. Sometimes the content is unfamiliar or students have not mastered a prerequisite skill. In other instances, the new concept was not presented in a style that the student identified with. Often, there are children who simply need more teacher guidance.  Though many students are ready to move on and learn new skills and strategies there are undoubtedly students who are not quite ready to move on. It is the goal of the Title I Department, to ensure that all struggling students receive assistance.

Title I is a Federally funded program designed to help students who may need assistance in the content areas. At Oehrli Elementary School, the Title I program specifically concentrates on the areas of reading, writing and math. Assistance is given within the classroom by highly trained paraprofessionals. Children receive help in a variety of ways. Sometimes the paraprofessional will work with a small group reinforcing a skill introduced by the teacher. Or, the paraprofessional might work individually with a child to offer reinforcement, re-teach something that has been missed, or offer praise for progress made. The Title I room is located on the third floor of Oehrli School. Your inquiries and comments are always welcome.