RRO Teachers, 2014-15


(RRO teachers with web pages or blogs are highlighted in orange below.  Click the highlighted name to view these.)



1st Grade

Tracy Bass      room 303

Jennifer Boardwell room 102 

Tina Bradley    room 301

Sue Peterson  room 304

Tracie Wolffis    room 302


2nd Grade

Terri Atchison   room 404
Char Kurant      room 405

Kara Mendez     room 407
Laurie Stokes   room 406

3rd Grade

Lindsey Ellis            room 409

Stephanie Gaunt     room 403

Nanci Roesler         room 402

Sara Woller              room 408

4th Grade

Beverly Berman      room 305
Georgia Hallack        room 307

Jerry Hedrick              room 309

John Sawin                room 311


5th Grade

Sue Brissette         room 201

Tom Engelsman   room 206

Cassy Gale            room 207

Karen Kraai            room 202



Kris Day-Hinken, Technology Teacher

Erin Denhof , Art Teacher

Randy Bass, P.E. Teacher

Jacquie Wood, Music Teacher

Summer Wlliams, Health Teacher 


Special Services

Tiffany Anthony - Special Education

Karen Armstrong - Speech

Beth Baker - Special Education

Shonda Evans -Special Education

David Erickson - Social Worker

Sara Hansen - Speech

Nick Jaskiw - School Psychologist

Margaret Spoelman- School Counselor

Christy Thommen - Special Education