Special Education Services in Montague Area Public Schools


Montague's Special Education Department provides leadership to meet the needs of students with disabilities, their families and the educational staff.  Administrative support occurs with the referral process, diagnostics, individual educational plans, curriculum and transition to ensure quality programs and services.


Services available to eligible students include, but not exclusive to psychological services, social work, occupational, physical and speech therapy.  Programs include infant/toddler and preschool programs, resource room, categorical and regional programs.  Programs and services are determined by the individual needs of the student.


Montague participates in the North Service Unit (NSU) consortium.  The NSU provides special education programs, services and administrative oversite to Montague, Whitehall, Reeths-Puffer, Holton and North Muskegon.





Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a civil rights act prohibiting discrimination based on a disability.  Section 504 is distinct from IDEA, or "special education" legislation.  Click here to read more about Section 504.











Green 2 

Scott Green, Special

Education Director





Jera Adams, Special

Education Supervisor




Amy Kendall, Special Education Supervisor