Scholarship Foundation Will Fund Continuing Education for MAPS Students

The Montague High School Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation was created in May, 2007.  The Foundation hopes to provide scholarships for graduating MHS students so that more of them will be able to pursue post-secondary education.


Foundation committee,  include John Weaver (Superintendent), Mary Kay Will, (Admin. Assistant to Supt.), Donna Bylenga (Director of Business Affairs), Joan Brooks (Board Member), Karen Neubauer (Board Member/Secretary/Treasurer), Cindy Francis (Board Member), Jim Rose (Board Member/Chair), Blair Moreau (Board Member/Vice-Chair) Lynn Cotter (Board Member) and Jill Squire (Board Member).   A primary responsibility of Board members is to encourage alumni and district residents to support the Scholarship Foundation as generously as possible through direct gifts, wills, or annuities.


The constitution and by-laws of the Scholarship Foundation clearly designate that all funds be used only for the purposes of publicity and awarding scholarships to students.  No district operating costs of any kind, including salaries, can be paid from the MHS Foundation.  To ensure that the funds cannot be co-mingled with district funds, all Foundation funds are held, invested, and audited by the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.


This is a permanent fund with scholarships provided through growth of the fund.  As the fund grows, the number and amount of scholarships will increase.  Ultimately, the goal is to generate a large enough fund to pay the tuition of all MHS graduates as they go on to post- secondary education for up to four years.  Considering the increasing costs of tuition and the number of families struggling to make ends meet, the MHS Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation will make it possible for many to further their education who otherwise might never have the opportunity,


Contributions to the MHS Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation qualify for the Michigan Tax Credit as well as a federal tax deduction.  Final out-of-pocket cost of a donation could be as low as one-third of the amount actually donated.  When considering the exceptional benefits to students and the tax advantages for donors, the value of supporting the MHS Foundation is clear.


Key points about the MHS Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation:

    * All funds donated to the Scholarship Foundation must be used for scholarships and information about the Foundation.
    * All MHS students who want to go on to higher education are eligible for scholarships.
    * All donated funds are managed by the Community Foundation for Muskegon County and cannot be accessed for district operations.
    * All donations are eligible for tax deductions and the Michigan Tax Credit.


Donations may be made by sending a check payable to the MHS Alumni and Community Scholarship Foundation  The check may be mailed to Dave Sipka, Montague Area Public Schools, 4882 Stanton Blvd., Montague, MI 49437.