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     Hello!  My name is Kelli Ritter.   

     I am married to my high school sweetheart, Chris.  My husband and I have three children; Brooke, Brett, and Jake.  Brooke graduated from Whitehall High School and  is a junior at Michigan State University.  Brett is a 2012 graduate of Montague High School and is a sophomore at Muskegon Community College and Jake is a senior at Whitehall High School.  Our family lives in Whitehall, but Chris and I both graduated from Montague. Our family has learned how to manage the cross-river rivalry within our home.  It's always lots of fun.  Just to assure you where my loyalites lie, during the big games, I'm always in blue and on the Montague side of the field.

     I've been teaching since 2005.  This year I am teaching eighth grade English and one seventh grade English section.  I am thrilled to be teaching at NBC Middle School.  The students at NBC are the best and have a fantastic place to learn.  My desire is that you find our classroom to be a safe, comfortable place to develop your skills as both a reader and a writer. It is my goal to make your time in my classroom productive and purposeful.  I see myself as your guide; showing you the roadmap to where you need to be, but you are ultimately the navigator.  What you put into your education will determine how well you succeed.  Together, we can be quite a team. 

     If you have any questions or concerns you may contact me either through email or by phone.  I accept calls at home until 10 pm.  Please don't hesitate to contact me.  Communication is important, not just between students and their teachers, but also with parents. 


Mrs. Kelli Ritter


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Helpful Websites for research:


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http://www.waynet.org/levicoffin/default.htm Underground RR

http://www.history.com/topics/civil-rights-movement Civil Rights Movement

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http://www.history.com/topics/american-civil-war Civil War

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Practice your grammar skills at http://www.toonuniversity.com/flash.asp?err=487&engine=2  or  http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/gg.cgi?A1=c&A2=0&A3=0&A4=j&A5=b9HHapj.&A6=j&A7=b9HHapj.&A8=3&ALEVEL=1&AFUNCT=1


or refresh  your memory of the parts of speech by watching the following videos: