Resources For Parents


We hope the resources on this page will help parents in many ways.  Some resources provide information about grades and other school information. Other sites provide general knowledge that we feel with be a benefit to all parents. If you have questions about any of these sites call us at 894-5617.

The Muskegon ISD offers support and information for parents. Please check out their website for more information.


District Calendar

This calendar provides official days of school and vacation times that are part of our annual district calendar.

This site will allow you to ask any question and get immediate information to help you determine an answer. Your students access this site often at school when they have a question that they want to explore on the internet.

This is the standard search engine used by most of our students at school when they work on the internet.


Directions to NBC

Click above if you need directions to reach Nellie B. Chisholm Middle School.


West Michigan Conference Directions

The directions for all of our conference schools are listed at this location so that you are able to follow our teams as they travel to these schools.


Standard and Poor's

This site allows parents and community members to look at our school rating based on analysis by the firm of Standard and Poor's. This site examines many factors that impact student and school performance.






World Book

Online Encyclopedia for NBC students and families