Principal's Page by Kevin Kruger, MHS Principal

It's ACT Time!


Attention all parents of 11th graders:  ACT/MME testing is fast approaching.  If your son/daughter has not take the test before the state mandated testing date, please log onto to find out about the test and have your child take the practice tests in each area.  One piece of advice is that your son/daughter takes one test each day or 1-2 on a weekend and then complete the testing in a 2 day period.  They will get an immediate score plus comments on how to improve their scores!  I have been asked if this is a "real" college entrance examination or just a test for school report card grades.  The simple answer is yes!  It's real and the score counts for college entrance.  Yes, the score counts for our report card grade.  We've been encouraging all students but targeting 10th and 11th grade students to take the test prior to the "big one" so there won't be surprises on the test date - which for all juniors is Tuesday, March 4, 2014.  Results are mailed home right around spring break time.  Don't delay start practicing today!



Mid-Winter Break is Approaching!


Mid winter break is still on this year even after numerous snow days!  The scheduled break is February 14-17.  School resumes Tuesday, February 18.  Enjoy the last days of winter.  Your children can now remember the "big one" that hit when they were in high school and can now tell stories just like their grandparents! I'm not so sure that they walk uphill both ways to school or barefoot but they can brag about this being the snowiest winter in their young lives! Enjoy the remaining weeks of winter.



Everyday Test Success


Different kinds of tests call for different strategies.  Share these ideas with your son or daughter! Better yet, have them read the short tips below.


Multiple Choice:  On a reading test, skim questions before reading the passages they accompany.  This will let the reader know what to focus on as they read.  Try solving math problems before looking at possible answers.  If the solution is among the choices, it's likely to be right!


Short Answers:  Read each question carefully so you know what you're being asked.  Write neatly and keep your answers brief, clear and to the point.  Don't leave any answers blank.  Many teachers give credit for partial answers.  Math teachers require students to show their work. That way, they can point out where a mistake was made.


Essay: Make a quick outline to organize your thoughts before you write.  Cross off each idea as you add it to your essay.  Leave a few minutes to proofread your work and be sure you've answered the question completely. 


What Counts With Colleges?


We are asked that question a lot!  College applications are completed for the most part with our seniors and the junior class now is fully engaged in researching possible admission to many colleges/universities. 


Parents and students can increase the chance of acceptance by knowing these criteria:  1.  Keep grades consistent and improve as the year progresses.  Colleges like to see solid scores in academic classes.  They also like to see students taking challenging courses such as FST, PDM and AP courses.  2.  ACT scores usually count a great deal in the selection process.  A lower GPA in high school and a higher ACT score usually means success in college.  We encourage all students to take the ACT immediately after their 10th grade year to create a 'baseline' for coursework their junior year.  A "one shot test time" such as the state mandated ACT test day for all junior in March each year just might not be enough. 3.  Class ranking is also another factor in colleges selecting your child!  Encourage your son/daughter to improve their ranking each trimester.  4.  A final consideration is the college essay.  We encourage students to type up their essay into WORD or some other word processing program and save it, make adjustments to their essay depending on which college they are applying.  They all know how to cut and paste and this also helps with spell check, grammar check and run on sentences.  Don't forget internships, clubs, activities in the essay. 


Remember, the more information colleges receive in the essay and application, the easier it is for both of you!  If you have questions about the application process, be sure to contact our guidance office more  details. Good luck!