Pictures from Family Day, January 24, 2011


Over 150 parents came to school with their Kindergarten or Young Five student on January 24. The day was intended to help parents better understand how to help their child at home. It gave parents an up close view of the learning environment their child experiences daily at the MACC.


During the visit, parents rotated through each Kindergarten classroom with their child and engaged in a math or literacy activity. Each of the activities was tied to the day's theme of winter, but more importantly each activity supported the development of a critical math or pre-reading skill. After rotating through four classrooms, parents and students ended their morning in the all purpose room with hot cocoa, before heading out to recess. Each family left with a winter themed soft cover book and a brochure highlighting the important points of reading aloud to children. The Montague Area Childhood Center is gearing up for more family events that will encourage parents to be their child's first teacher .The event was sponsored by the Title I Department.